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Hammer Massager



1) The streamline individual design is more vogues
2) The powerful beating of the double hammer heads will more effectivelyrelieve discomfort and renew vitality
3) The double-speed massage of strong and weak gear will meet differentdemands
4) It is easy to operate and can massage any part of body easily
5) Inner packing:Packing dimensions: 44.7 x 16.7 x 14.8cm

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Sky Hammer Massager:


Sky Hammer Massager is a powerful handheld massager. It is designed to stimulate pressure points and relaxes stiff nerves and muscles. Hammer massager consequently, vibrates away muscle knots, and releases sustained toxins. You will feel immediate relief after only a short time treatment. This massager stimulates nerve ends by Reflexology Therapy using infrared.


· Massager with Infrared Light.

· Stimulates Nerve Ends By Reflexology Therapy

· With speed adjusting function

· Strong and vigorous beating function. h

· Streamlined design, light and nice

· 3 attachment options for massaging different parts of the body.


· Promotes blood circulation and body metabolism

· Applicable for physiotherapy of all the parts of the body

· Hammer style can massage every part of our body

· Reduces pains caused by fatigue or rheumatism

· Eliminates spasm in the shoulder and Lower Back

· Relaxes the muscles and eliminates pain caused by rigorous sporting activity

· Relaxes muscles from tiredness and the pain of nerve

Packing Details:

packing:Packing dimensions: 44.7 x 16.7 x 14.8cm

Outer packing:12pcs/ctnCarton dimensions: 62 x 50 x 46cm

Conveyance:Qty/20` FCL: 2,232pcsQty/40` FCL: 4,632pcs