Reduced price! Dynagym Body Revolution

Dynagym Body Revolution






DynaGym is a dynamic multifunctional exercise board. 


Helps tone and strengthen your abdomen, lower and upper back, glutes and legs at the same time. 


6 types of movements for hundreds of different exercises for all levels.  

  • Balance: aerobic exercise to burn fat and lose weight 
  • Twist: to reduce waist and tone obliques 
  • Crunches: to define lower, upper and side abs 
  • Roll ups: to strengthen and tone the core 
  • Leg ups: to work out the abdomen, legs and glutes 
  • Elastic bands: to strengthen the arms 


Lightweight and easy to store. 

Safe to use as there are no impact on your joints. 

For all levels. 

Use it seated while watching tv or even at the office. 



  • Exercise guide with routines for all levels 
  • Nutritional guide 


Innovative & Light Design.

Helps tone and strenghten your abdomen, lower back, glutes and legs at the same time.

You can now do aerobic exercises for fat burning and anaerobic exercises to define and tone.

Safe to use as there is no impact on your joints!